The tweets were flying in Ridgefield yesterday!

**cue "Short Shorts" music**

While Ridgefieldians tend to be a sophisticated bunch, if you were in the business district area on Route 35 yesterday morning, you may have heard some wolf whistles. The Ridgefield Patch reports that police responded to a call of a man who was wearing his shorts just a little too short for some residents.

I can see it now.


Someone, call the cops!

Blue lights flashing. The police car comes to a sudden Dukes of Hazzard side-swiping stop on Danbury Road right near Marty Motors. Squad car doors fly open and two police officers sail out of the car to apprehend the culprit. They wrestle him to the ground as one reads him the Miranda Act.

The man asks, "Officer, what did I do?"

The Police Officer replies, "You violated the thigh-ceps ban in the town of Ridgefield, sir. This carries a mandatory penalty of wearing ankle length leggings for the rest of the summer. You will receive one phone call to a friend or family member to bring you to the Danbury Fair Mall, where you can make such a purchase. You are due in court tomorrow morning with those leggings."

Ridgefield Police may have their work cut out for them as a new fashion trend allows thigh lengths from 5 to 8 inches above the knee.

These kids today!

In all seriousness, the Ridgefield PD laughed off the incident, and all is well in the safest town in Conneciticut.

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