Is there a friend or relative in your life that goes right for the lips when you see them? Ben in New Milford has that problem, so we tried to help him out.

We recently got an e-mail from one of our listeners in New Milford who has a problem with his girlfriend's mother who happens to be a mouth kisser.

Mr. Morning and Liz, I recently found out that my girlfriends mom is a mouth kisser. When she see's any friends and family she goes right for a smooch on the lips. I find this aggressive and alarming. How should I handle this ? - Ben from New Milford

I have an issue with this too. I'm not even that comfortable with hugging someone, but I am getting better at it. But kissing on the lips, that's taking things way to far.

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So, we asked our listeners for some help on this one, and we did get some good advice:

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