Holiday office party's are great. It's a chance to get together with the people you see 8 or more hours a day, 5 or more days a week. What could you possibly talk about, how can you make it, or you seem any more interesting.


Holiday office parties, which if you look up the definition means: a lot of small talk and one too many vodka tonics.

This year, use apps to make your holiday party a little less dreadful. Thanks to, here are four ready to download that will turn your party from dull to delightful.

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1.  KnockToCall.  It lets you fake a phone call to yourself to get out of an awkward conversation.  You just tap a button, and your phone rings.  And you can even set it up, so you can do it while it's in your pocket.  It's $2, but it's only for iPhones.

2.  Vivino.  It lets you take a picture of any wine bottle . . . scans the label . . . and tells you all about the wine, so it looks like you know what you're talking about.  The iPhone and Android versions are both free.

3.  Hypotheticals.  It's only for iPhones, but it's basically the game "Would You Rather", with a bunch of pre-loaded ice-breakers so you always have something to talk about.

4.  Drunk Mode.  You have to set it up beforehand, but then it prevents you from drunk dialing certain people in your contacts.  You can also use GPS to find your friends or your co-workers if you go to another bar and get separated. And there's a feature called "Breadcrumbs" that you can check the next morning if you can't remember where you went.

Now your covered, so get out there and enjoy the party cause you know you deserve it.


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