The threat of a lawsuit against Danbury is pending by environmental groups claiming Danbury allowed sewage to flow into rivers and stream.

According to the Stamford Advocate, the groups are accusing Danbury of allowing 450,000 gallons of raw sewage to flow into streams and rivers over a five year period. This morning, we asked Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton what was going on in regards to these allegations. Here's what he said:

Mayor Mark told us that the discharges were the result of heavy thunderstorm overflows which can, quite possibly over-burden the city's waste-water treatment plant, which could be catastrophic. The Mayor went on to tell us they informed the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection they were taking these measures. The environmental groups claim Danbury is in direct violation of the Clean Water Act and that the city needs to get their toxic discharges under control. Mayor Mark explained to them that the city was spending $100 million in tax payer's money to make substantial improvements to Danbury's waste water plant. BAM! Take that DEP!