Yes, you read that headline correctly, and it's sickening.

My mind went in a hundred different directions when I heard this news. You have kids in your home. You run an in-home day care center for other people's children. Do you not think someone will notice what's out back? Do you not think someone will rat you out? Do you not think that day care inspectors will stop by from time to time? Are you the dumbest and most evil person on the face of the earth?

In a story from, police in West Haven say arrests are expected after more than 600 marijuana plants were found at a home based day care. It seems that neighbors had seen a large fence being built, but thought nothing of it at the time.

Back to one of the many questions I pose -- don't you think day care inspectors will stop by your licensed in-home day care facility from time to time? Yes, of course they do, and when they are denied access behind that tall wooden fence out back, they obviously wondered why. So, West Haven Police were informed about the situation and conducted a raid.

600 pot plants were found behind a wooden fence in the rear of the facility. The day care has been shut down, and its license is now revoked. You run a day care with children in your home, but you think you can refuse to let inspectors see what's behind the big fence in your backyard? Are you dumber than a box of rocks?

There is a special place in hell for people like this.