The new Danbury ShopRite finally opens its doors!

If you've ever shopped at the ShopRite store in Brookfield, you'd know why everyone's so excited by the opening of the new ShopRite store at 1 Padanaram Road in Danbury. The Brookfield store was always packed and parking was a pain in the ass, but, it was worth it. Especially for their fresh produce and their variety of items. Not to mention their extraordinary prices.

According to the Danbury Patch, ShopRite kicked off their grand opening by making a $10,000 donation to The Connecticut Food Bank. This 63,000 square foot mega-store took the place of Super Food Mart, and is owned by the Cingari Family.

Yeah, I know this all sounds boring but super grocery stores like ShopRite are an excellent place to meet hot moms! If you're a creeper attempting to hook up with a hot mom at the grocery store, there's a good chance you'll spot them at the deli, produce department, and health food sections. Even though an attractive mom would never approach me, I've been around long enough to advise you to steer clear of the obvious sexual overtones like, "Love your melons!" or "Do you like your bananas firm?" Intelligent women who are grocery shopping will not buy into your sophmoric attempt at seduction. Just sayin.'

Bart Sadowski -Townsquare Media Center