I was shocked when a doctor discovered a lump on my throat. And then my journey began.

I've always been good about going to the doctor. I do all my annual exams to take care of the lady parts, but truthfully, I hadn't had a physical in quite a few years. I did, however, go for my first bone density test after I broke my arm. Then came the shock that I had a pretty big lump lodged in my throat. After the shock wore off, this is what I found out. I have the pretty common Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. 

According to experts, I'm not alone. About half of adults over 40 have thyroid nodules and it's pretty common. Doctors say if you see or feel something sticking out from your neck it makes sense to have it checked out.

Problem is, I didn't have a lump jutting out. And over time it has grown quite a bit. Even with that, I don't have the symptoms of difficulty swallowing or breathing. Large nodules can also impact your voice. Which would be a huge problem for me. I've had needles stuck in my throat twice now to check for cancer, and I've come out ok. Scary enough though, that I've seen a surgeon. That brings a whole new set of issues, so, for me, the best plan for right now is to have it checked often.

So even though January is almost over, it is Thyroid Awareness Month. I want you to take a moment to be in the know by going to the Thyroid Awareness site. In the mean time, I'll keep rocking you.

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