When Demi Lovato took the stage at the Democratic National Convention, my eyes and ears were peeled.

I had to find out what she would say, so that I knew which way to vote in the coming election.

At least she is fun to look at. But, hey, it's not just the Democrats. The Republicans do it too. Do I need to hear what Scott Baio has to say about the upcoming election?

Charles in Charge indeed. I'm just glad I know how Chachi feels on the matter.

What do these people think? Do they think that having a celebrity give a five minute speech is going to change my mind or yours?

So, you develop a lifetime of ideals, morals and political views, and the girl from the Disney Channel rolls out on stage, gives a short speech, and my mind is made up for me. That's not how that works.

Can we go ahead and skip this whole part the next time around? Or we put more at stake.

We tell these celebrities that if you endorse a candidate and they lose, you have to have a UFC style fight with Conor Macgregor. Either that, or you are forced to try and survive happy hour at Chuck E. Cheese.