According to CBS New York,16-year-old Janie Litvin of Hastings on Hudson, NY tossed her smartphone due to her obsession with it, and now uses a flip phone. She is one of a growing number of teens and twenty-somethings doing the very same thing.

We all know that our young people can not live without their smartphones, and prefer to socialize through technology rather than face to face. If this catches on, however, we could get them back out into the 4-D world.

I have not resisted the smartphone to be cool, I really have not. I don't like phones in general. To me, it's a leash. I do accept, however, that we have to have some way of communicating in the digital age, or you will get left behind. I can handle the jokes about my phone, because I simply don't care what people say about me.

I know I have my phone if my car breaks down, but I also know I won't be staring at Snapchat while someone is in the same room trying to talk to me. I can catch a call from a co-worker with an emergency at work, but I won't waste all day playing the Candy Crush Saga. Most importantly, I can charge my phone for two hours and it's hot enough to keep charge for the week. The flip phone is back, and I am pumped about it.