Honestly, I'm writing this because I'm on a plane and I got bored. Truth is, we almost missed our flight. I set two alarms last night, neither went off. I'm not exactly sure why one didn't ring but the other one I had set for 5:20am every Tuesday, well....today is not Tuesday.

Fortunately, I have a friend who asked me just yesterday, "how are you getting to the airport?" When I told her that we were driving she said, "No, you're not, I'll take you." Divine intervention had me ask her to sleep over and when my alarms didn't wake us, she did! Hooray, I have friends in high places.

Getting to the airport, well, that's always fun. Living over an hour away and driving to New York City in rush hour traffic, what a stress reliever!

Anyway, we're on the plane. It was snowing at the radio station this morning. I will broadcast my show tomorrow in Antigua where it is sunny and hot. Life is good.

Here's what Mr. Morning did in the snow that day:

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