It was a big weekend for me. I managed to check off two of the biggest pains on the 12 Pains of Christmas list, and I got on Santa’s good foot.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am “Mr. Christmas,” even though my family would want you to believe I’m really “Mr. Bah Humbug”. I love the Christmas season. I love the gatherings, visiting friends, the great food, and yes, even getting a present or two. However, there are some things I could live without -- Most of them are mentioned in the classic song, "The Twelve Pains of Christmas."

In case you forgot what some of the 12 pains are, here's the video:

So, I attacked the list over the weekend and nailed it. I actually got rid of two of the biggest pains -- finding a Christmas Tree, and rigging up the lights. Now, finding the tree was easy -- it was in our attic storage space. And since I’m a genius and bought a pre-lit tree, the rigging of the lights was no problem either. By the way, my wife likes to have two trees in the house, so that’s gotta weigh a little heavier on the list.

I also did some outside decorating, and once again this year, the plan was to make it simple yet spectacular -- Not an easy task. Enter the Christmas Laser. My wife calls them “lazy lights”. I picked one up online, and have transformed my yard into a holiday paradise. All I had to do was plug it in, and mount it on a tree. 10 minutes, and bam! I was done.

amazon image

I should also say that I did do a large strand of lights on some bushes, and alas, here posed the greatest challenge. So, with the help of one of my children of the corn, and two areas of the massive set not working, I came up with a ingenious solution -- Just shove the parts that don’t work deep into the bush. It didn’t take all that long, and in no time, I was done.

Finally I even got on Santa's good foot as we hosted our annual KICKS 105.5 Breakfast With Santa event at the Danbury Fair Mall.

Now, the family sometimes refers to me as Clark Griswold, but I can tell you, this type of scene will never happen to me.

I know I have plenty of other pains to check off on the 12 pains list, but most have to wait until your a little closer to Christmas. The main thing is that the biggest pains are done -- now bring on the in-laws.