I know that most people don't like to be sick. Then there are some who wallow in it. I look at it as an insult. When I first start to feel those first few signs that something is coming on, I totally ignore it. You know, kinda like the people that I don't want to talk to. It actually works sometimes.....and then there's this time.

So, I've been doing the echinacea (you're impressed that I could spell that aren't you? Actually, I have a tea bag on my desk that has the word on it so I sort of cheated. What I don't get is why that red line is still there as I type this). OK, maybe not.....but it is sitting here at my desk. Good intentions. One of my co-workers gave me a big bottle of spring water and said "Drink this, you need to hydrate!"  (awwwww, I know, right?).

So far the most successful part of this cold or whatever it is has been the whining. Maybe I should actually take that echinacea (there's that damn red line again!)

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