There is a world-class tea store up near the tri-state borders of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Harney & Sons is located in Millerton, NY just off of Rt. 44 at 1 Railroad Plaza. They also have a location in the Soho district of Manhattan at 433 Broome Street.

My wife and I took a leisurely trip up routes 47, 45, 7, and 44 on Tuesday. We passed through the beautiful towns of Sharon, Kent, Cornwall, Washington Depot, Lakeville and more on the way to Millerton.

Photo by Large "Cultured" Dave

The interior of Harney & Sons is meticulous. As soon as a guest picks up and inspects one of their products, an employee follows to straighten the replacement. I am a tea dummy, I admit, but I was given a basic course in tea blending by one of their wonderful employees, Levi, in their blending/tasting room.

Photo by Large "Oolong" Dave

There are two "Teas of the day" ready to be sampled on the counter, and they will graciously prepare you a sample or two of one of the many exquisite blends that line the room.

You can find Harney & Son's blends at retailers like Williams-Sonoma. My wife noticed that going directly to the source will save you around 25-50% compared to an aftermarket retailer.

There are so many blends and types. I am more into the lighter side, so I tried a green tea blend, Caribe. Expertly brewed with the right temperature of water, which I found out is crucial to the final taste, it was delicious and comforting.

Harney & Son's teas run from the inexpensive, to the $400 a pound varieties. I'm sure that connoisseurs will delight in the attention to detail that this treasure provides in the sleepy tri-state corner.

Now, bring me my Earl Grey Supreme and beef jerky Jeeves. It's high tea time you savage.