Aha! I gotcha, didn't I? Yes, that's a great question, so let's delve into it a bit, shall we?

Being right comes with its fair share of pros. The more times that you are correct, lends itself to credibility and makes you look smart. You get to say, "I was right!", and it also makes you the person who is always right. Your way or the highway. Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All, the Jerk Who Can't Be Wrong. See where I'm going with this? Being right all the time can make you very lonely.

I have always found that in relationships, it is far better to be happy. There are times when you will be right and the other person (gasp) will be right. But after you have proved your point, now what? Was it really that important?

I'll take happy any day. I will admit, I have an amazing partner. He believes the same thing. There are many times when what could have become an argument ends in an exchange like this one:

Me: (busting hubby's chops about whatever)

Hubby: If I wanted you to bust my chops, I would have said, "Hey honey, can you bust my chops?" Next time I want my chops busted, I'll definitely let you know.

Me: You're so adorable!

Hubby: Aw, Meow!

Then there's a hug, much laughter, the cats gather around (they heard the "meow") and everyone is happy.

The morale of the story is just this, "BE HAPPY!"

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