A new book that's out say's it is, and the writer is a Woman. She claims that all women should get Maternity leave even if they don't have kids just to be fair.

The author is 38-year-old Meghann Foye, and according to nypost.com, she's pushing for every woman to get a few months off for Maternity leave, even if they never have children.

In the book, which is called Meternity, she claims that women who have kids are provided with more flexibility at work. She say's

Saying I have to go pick up my child as a reason for leaving work early is much more accepted then I have to check on a friend who just broke up with someone. Both may be valid, but they are looked upon differently. The same logic holds true with Maternity leave.


We wanted to see how you felt about this, so we opened up our phone lines. Listen to these ladies take on this topic:


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