Summer will be here in just three weeks and we have already been enjoying some great weather. Now is the time for probably the most important summer safety tip: WEAR SUNSCREEN!

We all know by now that the sun is responsible for wrinkles and sun spots, and both make you look older. Who the heck wants that? You have probably had a sunburn or maybe even sun poisoning, which is absolutely no fun. Basically, you're cooking yourself. While that can lead to those unwanted lines and leather-like skin, there are other, more permanent, and more dire issues that the sun can bring along.

So, what should you be concerned about? According to, there is the
"ABCD" rule for spots on your skin that you may be worried about:

A is for asymmetry. In suspicious moles, one half of the mole may not match the other half.

B is for border. Suspicious moles may have an irregular border.

C is for color. Suspicious moles may have more than one color, such as black, tan, or brown and sometimes red, white, or blue.

D is for diameter. A mole should be no larger than six millimeters, which is roughly the size of a pencil eraser.

Any suspicious skin marks should be looked at by a doctor. Skin cancer is no joke, and needs to be caught early to save your life.

Have fun this summer, just remember your SPF.

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