I know you've seen some of those wacky challenges online. You know, the Cinnamon Challenge, the Carolina Reaper Pepper Challenge and one that always intrigued me — the Saltine Cracker Challenge.

Since I heard about this Saltine Cracker Challenge a few years ago, I thought how hard can this be? All you have to do is eat six saltine crackers in a minute. Anyone can do that. So obviously, I had to try it.

Here's what tailgatefan.com had to say about how hard this challenge is:

You’ve got one minute to eat just six saltine crackers, without drinking anything. How hard can that be? Six crackers, no big deal. Well, no, it’s a huge deal, when you consider that most people can only eat two saltines in a minute. Humans lack the saliva to process much more than two saltines before having to throw back a glass of water.

After a little more research, I found out that a guy by the name of Rufus Z. not only completed the challenge, but did it in 20.68 seconds. Look, if Rufus Z. can do it that fast, it should be no problem to do it in sixty seconds. I became a man on a mission. Not to beat his record, but to just accomplish this feat.

So after a little preparation, I was ready to take on the challenge LIVE on the air. I had to try it and prove to myself once and for all that it's not impossible. I had the confidence, I had the saltines, and I had my game plan.

Could I do it? would I make history? Or would it be an epic fail? The moment was at hand, the time was now, so I made my attempt:

As you just saw, I didn't fare very well, and now, I believe that this challenge, which seems like one of the easiest of all the crazy challenges, is indeed next to impossible.

But I'm not stopping. I'm going to train harder, eat saltines whenever I can and try and steal some secrets from the pros. One day, I will attempt it again, and I will prevail, proving to everyone and myself that this challenge is no match for me.

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