If anyone around here at the station was going to be upset over this news, it was me. We close every show with his iconic words, "Stay thirsty my Friends." So, when I heard that Dos Equis' was retiring it's ad campaign, I figured it was time for one more toast to "The Most Interesting Man in the World".

"He's the life of parties he's never attended.....People hang on his every word, even prepositions.....He can speak French in Russian."

Just a few of the things that made him the most interesting man in the world. So, I guess it's fitting that he would go out in style, like no man has ever done, or will, on a one way trip to Mars.

According to adweek.com, the actor, Jonathan Goldsmith, who's now 77, has played the role of "The Most Interesting Man" for nearly a decade, but in true Bond-like fashion, he will live on with a different actor portraying another Most Interesting Man.

Dos Equis' is re-branding its product line to keep up with the changing times, and wants to make sure the story evolves, thus the change of characters.

Even though there will be a new Most Interesting Man, I can't imagine anyone filling his shoes because "His 2 cents is worth $37 dollars and change, he's won trophies just for his game face alone, and if he mispronounced your name, you'd feel compelled to change it."

So, lift a glass one more time, and, just remember, "Stay Thirsty My Friends."


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