Friday was National Blondie Brownie Day and thanks to Kicks 105.5's Liz Kaye I now have a new appreciation for the day.


I wasn't making to big of a deal about National Blondie Brownie on Friday. We had just come off Squirrel Appreciation Day on Thursday, and that's pretty hard to top.

Then Liz Kaye came in for her shift with a fresh batch of Blondie Brownies that she had made in honor of the day. Well after one bite of her Blondie Brownie's everything changed.

kicks image

Now I have always been a fan of the standard brownie, love the brownie....but I can't remember the last time I had a Blondie Brownie. So in the interest of the show, and of the day, I had one of these moist, made from scratch, fresh, filled with chocolate chip Blondie Brownies. Let me tell you they were like nothing I had tasted before. A delicate yet dense  flavor, but yet so moist to the touch and not overly rich. It was also bursting with sweet chocolate. So easy, so simple, yet so complex. It excited the taste buds and got me to wonder....could this Blondie Brownie be superior to the traditional brownie, the brownie I had always loved and respected....The answer is "YES"..."YES"...."YES".

I think now you might be able to tell, I will be celebrating Blondie Brownie Day in a big way every year on January 22nd.

So do yourself a favor and whip up a batch of Blondie Brownies the next chance you get...your senses will never be the same.

Just click on the Blondie Brownie below to see the recipe Liz followed to make those sensational Blondie Brownies.

Click here to get the recipe Liz used for the Blondie Brownie


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