How do you like your grilled cheese? Where is the best place to get one? How about fifteen thousand dollars for your best recipe?

Grilled Cheese. It can be so simple, but also complex.

According to the Days of the Year Calendar, today is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. While it's not an official holiday and it really doesn't require much explanation, I still say it calls for recognition...and a nice, gooey grilled cheese. So, how do you make yours, and where is your favorite place to get one when your out?

When I was young, all I wanted was white bread, buttered on both sides, american cheese stuck in between, grilled in the frying pan. HEAVEN!

As an adult, my tastes expanded as did the items I had in my own kitchen to cook with. Now, my favorite grilled cheese is on five-grain bread - still buttered on both sides - with Havarti, pesto and prosciutto. I make it in a pan with ridges and press it with a cast iron press. My next is whole wheat bread - no butter - I spray the pan with a bit of oil - then slather the bread with chunky peanut butter ( don't judge me lol ) and add cheddar cheese. This one goes in a regular skillet and gets flipped not pressed.

Want to win $15,000 for your recipe? Did you know there is a Grilled Cheese Academy? Well there is, and they are running a grilled cheese contest open now until May 15th. There are hefty cash prizes and some killer past recipes too on their site

When I wasn't in the mood to make one, my "go to" place always was the Windmill Diner on Mill Plain Road in Danbury. I ordered mine the good old fashioned way, but also with a side of crispy french fries with gravy. Again, DO NOT JUDGE ME!

So, how do you make yours, and where is your favorite place to get a grilled cheese?