Cam has a new song that we just added to the KICKS 105.5 playlist titled, "Mayday". Right on the heels of her number one song, "Burning House" she sticks with the wrong love ballad as the second release from her album Untamed. This could be considered a bold move by the artist. She could have released a catchy, more upbeat song, but I think she's banking on country music fans appreciating the vocal strength that she and this song possess.

Here is an excerpt from the song:

Said I'm moving on, cause things were getting rough
But here I am in your bed
I strung it on too long, afraid to be alone
Now we're in over our heads
It's either sink or swim, we've tried so many times
For worse or for better
It tears my heart in two to leave it all behind
And say goodbye forever


If you can't wait for your DJ to play it for you, here she is on Ellen performing the song. Let us know what you think!

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