Maybe I'm crazy for saying this, but I sort of think you're pissing off our 4 - legged friends! But my buddy Large Dave say's his "babies" are OK with it. What do the folks at PetMD say?

Who knew what today was?  Well that's what I'm here for, to keep you

SO - Today is - National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

I have to tell you, I grew up with dogs and cats in our house, and NOT once did we ever ponder "wouldn't it be cute to dress them up." That said, I have numerous dog owning friends that do more than ponder, they actually act on it.

If you're on the fence about celebrating the day, here's 10 reasons why you shouldn't question doing it from the folks at 

I'll give you this, they do look damn cute. But my instincts tell me Fido is thinking of ways to get back at you. I smell a mess coming on!