image courtesy of scp auctions

Records in Baseball are meant to be broken, but here's one record that may never be topped. It's the record for the most expensive non game used autographed baseball.

It's time for every other autographed baseball to move over and make way for the new reigning autographed baseball champion.

First let me tell you about the previous record holder. A baseball signed by Babe Ruth sold for $388,375 in 2014, but that record has now been eclipsed by another baseball also signed by Ruth, and Ty Cobb, and Honus Wagner, and Cy Young and Walter Johnson. plus six others. The ball just sold at auction for $632,369.

This group that signed were among the first 25 players who were inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame. There would have been even more legendary signatures on the baseball, but only 11 of the first 25 inductees were alive at the time of the official opening of the hall in Cooperstown back in 1939.

By the way the ultimate record for an autographed baseball goes to a "game used" ball hit by Babe Ruth for the very first All Star Game home run. It sold at a few years ago for $805,000.

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