Like it or not, I figured most people have at least tried Sushi at one point in the lives. So, I was surprised that Blake Shelton hasn't - ever - until now.

Blake paid a visit to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new album "If I'm Honest". While he was there, Jimmy took him out to do something Blake had never done, eat Sushi.

It's official, Blake Shelton is not a fan of the Sushi.

Now, with all that fishing he's probably done, you'd think Blake would have at least tried some raw fish at some point in time. Believe it or not, this was his first venture into the world of Sushi.

Judging from the video, it looks like there were some things he liked. Couldn't get enough of that Sake (Rice Wine). There were a few things he didn't love, but thought they were alright, and one or two things he actually enjoyed. Pretty interesting. Now, bring me some more of that Rice Wine.

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