After reading the article in the NewsTimes, I actually stood up and cheered!

Earlier this year, conspiracy theorist William Brandon Shanley had officially written to the Superior Court asking for permission to argue that the murder of 26 first graders and teachers at Sandy Hook School on Dec. 14, 2012 was a hoax and staged as a "drill" to further the "gun control agenda". How dare he!

I had a teacher friend in that school who huddled in a closet with her first grade students until the shooting stopped. When she received word from police officers that it was safe to open the door and come out, she asked her children to cover their eyes as they made their way through the school's doors. She personally saw the carnage the shooter had caused, so don't tell me, or anyone else, Mr. Shanley, that this was a fraud perpetuated by the government.

Superior Court Judge Dan Shaban stated to the Newstimes that:

The information submitted by Mr. Shanley is neither useful or otherwise necessary to the issues pending in this matter.

Thank you, Judge ShabanShanley is the third conspiracy theorist who's come forward. According to the same article in the Newstimes, a New York banker, who verbally assaulted the family of Sandy Hook victim Victoria Soto screaming that the massacre never took place, is currently on probation for interfering with police. On the same token, in January, a university of Florida professor contacted the family of one of the first graders that was murdered demanding proof that their son ever lived. He was quickly fired by the university. I'm going to wrap it up right here, knowing that if I continue, I will go on a name-calling barrage of monumental proportions. PEACE!

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