News of Eagles guitarist and founder Glenn Frey's passing has hit many people hard. This includes the country music community. Many well-known country artists are feeling the loss. Some of paid tribute on Twitter and others on Facebook.

Keith Urban posted a very nice tribute on Facebook. You can tell that he was feeling the loss of a great artist and he showed this by playing "Take it Easy." There is emotion in his post and his playing.

It doesn't matter if it's the same format or genre of music, Glenn Frey's death has affected so many in the music industry. Whether or not you are an Eagles fan, you know the songs.

You've got some good company up there, Bowie and Rickman can show you around. Rest in Peace Glenn Frey.

Something weird (and sad) I found while writing this is that first David Bowie passed away on January 10, then Alan Rickman passed away four days later on January 14, and Glenn Frey passed away four days later on January 18. Hopefully January 22 is uneventful.

I have to say, not a huge fan of 2016 so far...

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