Keith Urban's Ripcord World Tour kicks off Thursday (June 2), and the singer recently opened his tour rehearsal in Nashville to the media to get a glimpse into what fans will be seeing this summer.

At a press event after the rehearsal, the "Wasted Time" singer stressed the importance of having an unpredictable and organic show. He says that he goes to as many concerts as he can to help get ideas of what to do and what not to do in a live setting.

"I often find I take away ideas from what I didn't see that I wish that they had done," he explains. "Sporadically, I'll hear or see little things that I like to incorporate into ours. I also love the organic evolution of the tour, too. Things that organically happen one night and then it gets expanded the next night. By the end of the tour there's all these pieces that you never would have put together in a rehearsal space. I love that there's an organic evolution of the tour."

Urban says that he feeds off the audience as much as they feed off him, adding that he always wants to play with his audience as opposed to at his audience. His idea of a great show is "a bit of unpredictable reality."

"I like to be real. I constantly fight with having to be prepared so security says, 'We're gonna walk out this way.' I don't want to do that. It doesn't feel too real," he admits. "For me, it's more interesting to take off in a different direction for it to be real and spontaneous. The only way to be real and spontaneous is to be spontaneous."

The singer and guitar shredder admits that he continues to find balance on a nightly basis between security safety measures and putting on a good show for fans.

"I'm trying to find that balance between not putting myself in total idiotic jeopardy but also being able to be spontaneous so it feels real. If you're in the audience, you can tell if something spontaneous is happening, you can feel it," he explains. "You can also tell if something is being repeated from the previous night with the look of spontaneity. So, I'm trying to find more real, legit moments."

Urban's 2016 Ripcord World Tour also features Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris.

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