From an article in the NewsTimes comes a story about Kent selectmen voting 2-1 in favor of presenting information about FASTER Saves Lives, which, according to their website is, "A groundbreaking non-profit program that gives educators practical violence response training."
The program would provide trauma kits and firearms training to school personnel in the event of a hostile act or intrusion. The program is being looked at for the pre-K through eighth-grade Kent Center School.

Utah Teachers receiving firearms training in Dec. of 2012 /Getty Images

Governor Daniel Malloy is not happy about the idea. The Governor told the Associated Press, "If any Board of Education would approve this, I would be shocked, frightened, and disappointed." He continued by saying, "It makes no sense and no school system in the state of Connecticut should be allowed to do this."

Kent Selectman, Jeffrey Parkin told the NewsTimes that, "Reaction has gotten out of hand!" He said that people think teachers will be walking around school visibly packing guns. He also told the NewsTimes that if Kent made the decision to be a part of this program, any weapon would be concealed. That's comforting!

Here's a question for any school teacher reading this blog. HOW WOULD YOU REACT IF MANDATORY FIREARMS TRAINING WAS IMPLEMENTED AT YOUR SCHOOL?