How about ramping up this Halloween's trick or treating season by offering some Adult Halloween treats?

I'm not talking about raunchy or sexy Halloween costumes for grownups. I'm talking about going above and beyond by whipping up some special adult treats. Thanks to Across America Patch for the excellent suggestions like Alcoholic Lollipops from I'm not suggesting you get wrecked while accompanying your little ghosts or goblins around the neighborhood. Let me tell ya, there's nothing like a Bourbon Ball lollipop to loosen it up on Halloween night. You can never go wrong with Jello Shots!' There's an easy to follow recipe at

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One of the best neighborhoods I've witnessed in Danbury for trick or treating is the section of Deer Hill Avenue that's closest to Southern Boulevard. Many of the houses are decked out in full Halloween regalia. The home owners venture out on their porches decked out in costume and hundreds of kids can be seen waiting in line at various houses. This Deer Hill Avenue neighborhood gets what Halloween is all about! I'm willing to bet that this neighborhood has already adopted the Adult Halloween Treats philosophy.

C'mon, how many of us grownups have walked around the neighborhood with our kids on Halloween night with a beer or bottle of wine in our hand. I'm just trying to provide you with some grownup options. Let's class it up Danbury!