UPDATE: Stacey's sister, Heather, has informed me that Stacey is now in Stage 5 kidney failure. That is the final stage of kidney failure.

Original Post:

I recently came across a story that touched me so much, I contacted the person through Facebook. There is a lifelong Connecticut resident (Bethel and Newtown) looking for a kidney and her sister is reaching out and sharing her story, hoping to find a donor.

I never send a message to someone I don't know on Facebook, but after reading about her sister, Stacey Enright Gee, I had to contact Heather Enright Strid. Heather has been posting and helping her sister search for a kidney, of which they are in urgent need.

The first time I read about Stacey's story was through the Brookfield Patch. In the article they express the need for the kidney, because Stacey is in Stage 4 kidney failure. Also mentioned is the fact that her doctors are looking for a live donor, because a kidney from a living donor has twice the life span as compared to a kidney from a deceased donor.

I have seen Heather's plea pop up in my news feed on Facebook, because we have a mutual friend on the social media site. During some exchanges through Facebook, Heather said that she is not ready to lose her sister and that just broke my heart. As I said in the Facebook message to you, Heather, I don't know you, but I absolutely don't want you to lose your sister either.

If you are in the position to donate or you know someone who is, please consider helping Stacey. If you can help, please contact Yale New Haven Hospital at 1-888-894-6361 for more information. 

If you are not in a position to help, please help spread the word. The more people that see the plea the better chance Stacey has of finding a donor.

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