I'll be brutally honest with you guys. I'm blogging about Lakes Awareness Week partly to show off some of my favorite Candlewood Lake pics.

My buddy, Dave Dillion, on a water toy he built himself

Governor Malloy has deemed this Lakes Awareness Week to raise awareness that we need to continue to take care of our valuable and beautiful natural resources, all of Connecticut's lakes.

Candlewood Lake taken in October looking north from Sand Island.....

An article from New Fairfield's Hamlet Hub reminds us that Candlewood Lake turns 90-years-old this year, which is still considered a baby in lake years. Each year, lakes from all over Connecticut are fighting two main issues — Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB) which, in many cases, are introduced by boaters through props, bilges, and boat trailers. If left untreated over time, lakes can eventually turn into swamps or wetlands.

My son, Matthew and his son, Bradley walking to our pontoon at New Fairfield Town Park for the very first time

To help Candlewood Lake, Lake Zoar, Lake Lillinonah, Lake Waramug, Bantam Lake, and Gardner Lake stay healthy so they can live to a ripe old age, the Candlewood Lake Authority is urging fellow boaters who trailer their boats to make sure it's been properly cleaned, drained, and dried, and then carefully inspected to make sure the boat is free of invasive aquatic species like zebra mussels and invasive aquatic plant fragments.

Candlewood Lake Sunset

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