Despite knowing nothing about College Basketball Liz K. from "Kicks in the Morning" has done it, and it's awesome baby !!!!


Liz Kaye is in. Her bracket is all filled out, now let the games begin.

I talked Liz thru her bracket selection today on "Kicks in the Morning". Now I'm not saying her picks were a little strange, but when you pick a school because you like their mascot bird, (Kansas Jay Hawks), or because you like the way the school's name sounds, (Chattanooga), or it's a local school, (Yale & UConn), I don't really know how successful she's going to be.

kicks image

Now I've actually put a little time into my bracket, but sometimes the less you know, the better you'll be. So we'll see what happens when the Madness begins.

If you'd like to play along with us and see if you can beat Liz's Bracket VooDoo picks or my highly calculated cyber metric picks, just click on the link below and take the Kicks 105.5 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge.

Good luck and may the best bracket win.



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