A sex education expert raised a stink recently when she argued that parents should teach consent early, and the best way to get started is to ask your baby's permission before changing their diaper.

Now, before you make a harsh judgement about this person, here's what she's all about: Her name is Deanne Carson, and she works for an organization which teaches children about consent, and the message she was trying to convey is that it's never too early to teach consent.

Maybe it's because most of us know babies can't talk yet, and you most likely have never met a baby who didn't want their diaper changed, especially when it's full. Or maybe it's that people have had enough with being so politically correct, and this one seemed to push everyone over the edge. Either way, when we talked about this on our show, local listeners basically blew up our Facebook page with comments. Here are some of the best ones we got:

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