I promised you more footage from our studio guests on Tuesday Morning. It was National Pig Day, and everything was going so well. Then one of the piglets, and Liz, went missing.

It's one of the oldest stories in the book. Literally. The story of the Three Little Pigs. Tuesday was National Pig Day, and Ray from Sugar Ray's Perfect Piglets, was nice enough to bring in three little piglets so we could celebrate.

Everything was going so well, and all the piglets were very happy to be here. Even Liz Kaye was having a ball. However, I did notice that she was getting very attached to one of our little friends.

kicks image

Then, when it came time for the on-air interview with Ray and his piglets, not only was Liz no where to be found, but one of the piglets was missing as well. We were extremely lucky to have our video guy, Joe, filming the segment at the time of the disappearance. So, now, we are able to show this never before seen footage.

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