Don't get me started about Charlie Morton or the Houston Astros. As you know, they beat my Yankees in the ALCS, and are now headed to the World Series. But did you know that Charlie is a graduate of a local Connecticut High School?

Before he was throwing five shutout innings against the Yankees in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, Charlie Morton called Redding home and was pitching shutout baseball for the Joel Barlow Falcons.

His Wikipedia page says Charlie was actually born in Flemmington, New Jersey and raised in Trumbull, Connecticut before his family moved to Redding, where he began his freshman year at Joel Barlow High School.

Charlie was a star pitcher on the Falcons, even as a freshman. It was not unusual to see a number of pro scouts at games when Charlie was pitching. He signed with the Atlanta Braves and turned pro shortly after graduation in 2002. It wasn't until six years later that he made his Major League debut in a game against the Los Angeles Angels.

One of my co-workers, Super-duper Sales Woman Shannon Kenefick, was a friend of Charlie's at Joel Barlow High School, and had nothing but nice things to say about the baseball star:

He was a really nice guy, kinda shy, but great at baseball. He was also very well liked by just about everyone. We had a small class that year and we all hung out together.

Morton has also had stints with the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Philadelphia Phillies, and now, the Houston Astros. Unfortunately, he has also been plagued by injuries and sidelined a number of times during his career.

(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

From shoulder fatigue, a torn labrum, and Tommy John's surgery, to hip inflammation, hip replacement surgery, and even a torn hamstring.

But for now, and for this year, things are good for the Joel Barlow High graduate. He's even going to start either game three or game four of the 2017 World Series. Charlie's definitely come a long way from field A  out by the old back road behind his alma mater in Redding.

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