What if I asked you if your family has a kind of unusual Christmas tradition, something that is unique, that no one else's family seems to do? Well that's just what I did on the show on Thursday morning.

There's a new survey that was just released by swnsdigital.com, which revealed that 20% of families have at least one strange Christmas tradition. Some of these traditions have been celebrated for years, others are relatively new. Here's a few that were mentioned in the survey:

  • Dressing up the dog or cat in a holiday costume
  • Playing 'Mario Cart' on Christmas morning
  • Exchanging ugly holiday ornaments
  • Camping out in the living room on Christmas Eve
  • Watching horror movies all day Christmas Day

My wife and I started our own strange Christmas tradition when we were still dating. There was a Japanese Restaurant we loved when we were living on Long Island, so we stopped in there one Christmas Eve, and ever since, we've kept that tradition alive.

Here's what some of the people in the 'Mr. Morning Country Nation' had to say about their unusual Christmas traditions:

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