I say keep this drug dealer under lock and key for as long as is possible. On second thought, this guy deserves to have the key thrown away.

There are simply no words for the depravity of this person. Which is why I feel like he should never be allowed back out on the streets again. But you can come to your own conclusion after reading the story.

Back in June of this year Fox61.com reported that police confirmed that 17 people in the New Haven area were poisoned by fentanyl, and an additional three died from drug overdoses earlier in the month. At that point authorities didn't know who was responsible. Most of the patients were sent to Yale - New Haven Hospital.

Dr. Gail D’Onofrio, of Yale-New Haven told Fox 61:

These patients, who we have interviewed, some who thought they were taking cocaine, were naive to opiates

Look I realize that a case can be made for people not doing drugs but I think what this man did is unconscionable.

Fast forward to November of this year and a follow up story in the New Haven Register. A New Haven man is facing sentencing on November 29 for providing cocaine laced with fentanyl that caused not only a ton of overdoses, but also three deaths.

While the maximum prison time is 20 years, it's expected that Frank Pina is looking at a sentence of between four and six years in prison under federal guidelines. Prosecutors though are asking a judge to impose an eight year prison term.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Avi Perry, Pina knew the dangers of the batch of cocaine he was selling because he had used it himself and overdosed. Then when he got out of the hospital he sold the very same drugs to customers.

I know that addiction over takes peoples lives, but honestly I believe in this instance there is no excuse. There should be no chance for Pina to see the light of day.