Luke Bryan took his family to Walt Disney World on Friday (Nov. 18), but the personable superstar didn't just hit the rides. He took plenty of time out for some very happy fans.

Bryan and his wife Caroline have two sons of their own, and they are also raising his nephew, Tilden, who lost both of his parents young. The family visited Disney World on Friday, and Bryan couldn't help but get recognized. His day of family fun was chronicled in a series of fan photos that ended up being posted to Twitter.

One fan encountered Bryan in the restroom, and then saw him again when the "Move" singer walked by his table. The superstar waved when he heard his name called out, but the fan decided not to bother him for a picture while he was with his family. But a number of others were not so shy, and ended up with souvenir selfies with Bryan, while others took pictures of him, as well as Caroline, and posted their excitement online.

Bryan took in 14-year-old Tilden after his brother-in-law passed away in 2014, and he says his new newly-blended famiy is a "social experiment." It's a different experience than raising his birth sons, Bo and Tate, who are under the age of 10.

"We woke up and had a teenager in our midst, but we love it. It’s nothing but positive. Til is having a blast and I think he’s finally settled in being in Nashville," he explains.

"We’re having to watch grades and watch Instagram and SnapChat and keep him from being on that all day long," Bryan adds. "It’s interesting because he’ll be a boy one minute and he’ll act like a man the next, so you just try to help him make good decisions and study hard and be respectful and try to do your best to raise them right."

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