Luke Bryan's unknowingly helped a young Iowa boy get through several hospital visits, multiple medical issues and constant seizures. And on Saturday (Feb. 27), 8-year-old Joseph Donachricha got to thank the superstar in person.

"Joseph ran up to him saying, ‘I made it Luke! I made it,'" Sheree Brussa — Joseph's mom — explains to the local paper, Mason City's Globe Gazette. “He just charged him when Luke walked in."

Bryan got word of the third grader's medical troubles thanks to a three-minute viral video his teachers created and then uploaded to YouTube in January. The clip was shared by thousands of people in hopes that it would reach Bryan and the two could meet.

The video explains the struggles Joseph has faced in his life after being born premature at just 23 weeks. Since his birth, he has suffered with mild cerebral palsy and epilepsy and spent most of his time in the hospital being fed through a tube.

"When I was on dialysis I introduced my doctor to country music and we loved listening to Luke Bryan," the video states. "Luke Bryan is my favorite country singer of all time."

A giving radio winner donated two tickets for Joseph and his mom to attend Bryan's show at the University of Northern Iowa. Though they weren't able to attend the concert, Bryan was happy to make the boy a VIP and meet him before the show.

Joseph was excited, as he's all smiles in a photo with Bryan. Meanwhile, Joseph's mother is overwhelmed with gratitude from the response of strangers helping her son meet his favorite country star.

"It was so beautiful and it’s overwhelming," she says. "All the small medical details, all the pain this child has endured and will endure, I finally got to see joy and that means the world to me."

“He autographed his Wrangler shirt and that was more than enough for my son,” Brussa adds.

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