Recently, we ran a story on the latest ice cream craze to hit Danbury — Thai Rolled Ice Cream, and the grand opening of Ice Monster on Federal Road.

Well, I, for one, was very curious about this so-called "new taste sensation", especially since every time I drove by, the place was packed.

Now I've had all kinds of different oriental foods, you know. sushi, negimayaki, soba, of course chow mein, fried rice — you get the idea. Plus, I'm not afraid to try something completely different, but Thai Ice Cream, this really peaked my curiosity. I just had to stop in and see for myself what everyone is talking about. Let's see how it's made, shall we? Watch:

The big thing about these foods is that it reflects the culture, environment, and values of the country it represents. In the case of Thailand, the things I think about are attention to detail, texture, color, taste, and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor.

After experiencing Thai ice cream for the very first time, my initial reaction was, "Wow!" It was smooth and creamy, but the one thing that stood out more then anything else for me was how cold it was. I know ice cream is frozen, so it's going to be cold, but this was super cold. But it wasn't a distraction when it came to the flavor.

During my visit, I learned that the cream, which when poured onto the cold metal plate, kept at a frigid -15 degrees, is still in its liquid form. As the cream freezes and crystallizes, it's mixed and stirred with the flavoring.

The toppings were very interesting as well. Of course, there was the traditional strawberrys, whipped cream, nuts, and syrup, but there was also a few toppings indicative of the Thai region, like Bobas or Pearls, as they are sometimes called. These are the same chewy treats you find in Bubble Tea.

  • So did I like it? Yes
  • Was it the best ice cream I've ever had? Close to It
  • Would I go back for more? Yes

It's becoming the hottest new craze since it's arrival here about a year ago. So why not try some for yourself....Just stop by Ice Monster at 130 Federal Road, across from Stew Leonard's, and take the Thai Ice Cream taste challenge.

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