You know, it's virtually impossible to get your child to carry around a box of these. Sure, with any luck they have learned the sneeze lesson, but even that is kind of gross. Until now.

Enter Stan Bratskeir. Stan is the man! He's invented The Sneeve in hopes of lessening the spread of germs when kids sneeze.

You've probably taught your child the sneeze in your sleeve lesson. Admit it though, it is gross. Introducing, The Sneeve , a stretchy blue antimicrobial sleeve that kids wear over their clothing and sneeze into. Not necessarily that much less gross, except for the fact that each Sneeve is absorbent and designed for one day's use and then it's thrown away. They come 7 to a pack. As of now you can buy them online at the but will hopefully be available in various locations in 2016.

Sneeze and snot away kids, it's The Sneeve to the rescue. Honestly, I can think of some adults that should make use of this too.

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