Imagine being divorced and receiving an alimony check from your ex every week. Now imagine that check has words like "bum" and "loser" written on the checks. That's what one New Jersey man sees every time he gets his alimony check from his ex-wife.

According to NBC Connecticut, Francis Wagner says that his ex-wife, who pays him $186 weekly, puts insults like the ones above in the memo line of each check. He is now claiming that the insults have made his health problems worse and is suing Diane Wagner, his ex-wife.

Diane is going through health problems of her own though as she is undergoing treatment for cancer. She says that she should be able to write anything she wants on the checks, because they are notes written to her. It's also noted in the article that "she pays him religiously" every week.

The lawsuit is claiming emotional distress and is seeking compensation.

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