Do you know who your neighbor is?

When I was growing up, everyone knew who was moving into and out of our neighborhood. I don't think we ever thought about it in a "busybody" kind of way. We just played together as kids, the parents got friendly and socialized with each other, people helped each other out. Somewhere along the line, folks decided to keep more to themselves.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have moved into a condo complex that is much like the neighborhood I grew up in. We hang together a lot, and watch out for one another. I love that feeling. So, I come back to the question. Do you know who your neighbor is? Who is living next door?

According to, police say a man who escaped from a Georgia prison back in 1968 is in custody. Investigators say that a possible alias was found for Robert Stackowitz, and that led police to Sherman. Stackowitz is now being held in jail as he awaits extradition to Georgia to complete his 17 year sentence for robbery by force. For more on his capture, you can go to

In case you didn't know, Sherman is the least populated town in Fairfield County. I suppose that could lend itself to a certain amount of seclusion.