Martina McBride announced on Monday (March 14) that her newest album, Reckless, will be hitting the shelves soon. She also gave a sneak peek at the project by releasing the music video for the title track, which also happens to be the lead single.

"Reckless" features as an empowering video that depicts McBride tearing down wallpaper in an abandoned and beat-up house to reveal disheartening words. She sings with deep emotion throughout the whole scene before finally deciding enough is enough.

"You fanned the flames up higher / Coulda left me for dead / But you pulled me from the edge / For lovin’ me the way you do / I know I’m reckless but you must be reckless too," she sings on the track, which reveals a sassier side than her previous efforts.

She eventually wipes the slate clean by taking scissors to her long brown hair, and washes the walls with white paint to finds words of encouragement.

This is McBride's first album since her 2014 release, Everlasting.

“This album feels so good,” she says in a press release. “That’s the best way I can describe it. I spent a lot of time finding songs that felt personal to me. I figure if I can relate to them someone else will too. There are songs about love, life, hope, loss, leaving, and coming home.”

Reckless will feature 10 new songs, which were produced by Nashville superstar producers Dann Huff and Nathan Chapman. The album is slated to hit stores on April 29.

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