Once you've experienced it, you'll never doubt it again: Owning a Jeep gains you entry into a special club with a deep history and appreciation for the brand that got its start decades ago as military transportation vehicle and grew over the decades with a strong pop culture following.

In celebration of Meadowland of Carmel's upcoming Jeep Fest on Aug. 18, here is a fun quiz to see how strong your Jeep pride is:

From Jeep appreciators to Jeep superfans, all trucks and Jeeps are welcome at Meadowland of Carmel's Jeep Fest on Aug. 18. It's just a $5 entry fee to judging categories, and there will be KICKS 105.5 broadcasting LIVE, BBQ, raffles, prizes, Thomas Rek 911 Jeep, Wounded Swords and more! Proceeds to benefit the Joseph P Dwyer Vet2Vet Program of Putnam County.

For more information call 845-276-0921 or check out the Facebook event page here.