I'm sure everyone has heard of the name Joey Chestnut -- the hot dog eating champion? But there's a new name in competitive eating and this guy is from Connecticut.

When you think of competitive eating you probably think of hot dogs and Coney Island. And Hot Dogs are good, but after the first dozen, it seems like it would get old fast, so when I heard about this Lobster Roll eating contest, I thought -- now that's what I'm talking about.

The guy's name is Manny Camba of Middletown, CT and over the weekend, he ate his way to victory by downing 21 Lobster Rolls in just ten minutes. It was all part of a competitive eating contest at the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival in Hampton, New Hampshire.

According to the Associated Press, only eight contestants were chosen to compete in this eating frenzy, and Manny left the others in the dust by devouring 21 Lobster Rolls to win the $600 prize money, and stake claim to bragging rights.

The total by Camba dwarfed the number eaten by last year’s champion Joe Menchetti of Cheshire, Connecticut, who did eat 19 Lobster Rolls this year, but fell short of repeating as Champion. Menchetti still holds the the overall record when it comes to Lobster Roll eating. He consumed 24 lobster rolls to set the mark a few years back.