This morning when I woke up, I must have been coming out of a dream because I was convinced I was late and standing in line at a Starbucks. I felt out of place and out of sorts, but you know that's what Monday's are all about, right?

Clearly I wasn't the only one feeling weird this lovely Monday morning. The Connecticut State Police took to Facebook to share a moose sighting. This moose must have had a dream it was going to miss the next flight out of town because some how it ended up in the area by Bradley International Airport.

According to the post, Route 20 was shut down for a brief period of time as the moose trotted around the Enterprise parking lot. Members from the Connecticut Troopers, Grandby Police and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection worked together in corraling the moose back to the open woods and over by the swamp land. Check out the pictures below from the incident this morning:

Same, Moose. Same.