Recently on FB, I posted the question, "Should you leave a tip when you pick up a take-out order?"

Thank you to everyone who responded to my poll question. I received close to 175 comments and was actually surprised by the results. The types of responses I received were either, "Yes or No," "That depends," or, yes or no with reasons backing up the response. 66% of you said YES, and 24% answered NO, while 10% were undecided. The following are some of the comments from individuals who went into a bit more detail about their response.

** "Where does this all end? Should we tip the person who answers the phone to take the order? What about the person cleaning the cookware?"

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** "As a courtesy, Yes! A couple of bucks won't kill you!"

** "If you're nice to me sincerely, I tip like two bucks, let's not get crazy."

** "OMG, you bunch of cheap bastards! Of course, you tip for takeout. I'm not talking Chinese or McDonalds, but a place like the Cookhouse. Not 20% around 10%."

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** "People who don't tip are the worst. If you can't afford to tip, then don't ask other people to make your god damn food!"

** "Until they price the food accordingly to accommodate a tip. Food is too damn expensive."

** "Tipping is a way of politely thanking any service involving food preparation. It's good form, good character, and good karma."

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** "I base my tipping for takeout orders solely on the person's attitude. If you're a miserable bitch and slop my food together in the bag; you're not getting shit!"

To recap, many respondents said they tip 10% for takeout or just dropped a couple of bucks in the tip jar. Anyone in the food service industry answered, "YES" and those that appeared to have anger issues answered "NO!!!!!!"