Since summer is here, and what do most of us do a lot of during summer....drink. From fancy tropical drinks to the go to We don't mess around when it comes to quenching our thirst.

So do you remember your very first go to drink. Now I'm sure your taste has changed since you sipped that first one, and there's probably a pretty good reason why your not drinking that particular drink anymore. Maybe it was something your parents drank, or maybe your older brother or sister got you started on it. No matter what we all seem to remember that first go to drink.

For me it was Rum and Coke. Why, because it was always being served by my parents. It was a favorite at all their get together's, and it tasted just like a soda, but I did learn a valuable lesson about drinking from it.

It was a Saturday night party and while my parents were busy entertaining guests in the living room, I was playing my own personal bartender in the kitchen. In about a half hour I managed to have about 6 full sizes glasses of Rum and Coke, (mostly rum). Yea it was good, and yea I got pretty drunk, very fast, and yes the end result was....well let's just say to this day I've never had a Rum and Coke again.

Now it's not all that complicated, but here's a pretty good Rum and Coke recipe, maybe I should have watched this before I drank my last one ever.

For Suzy her go to drink was a Tom Collins. Very classy and very popular with her older friend's, plus it tasted good, like lemonade. (Do people really drink these anymore). When she finally found out it wasn't cool, the Tom Collins cravings turned to Tequila, with the lime and the salt.

If your interested, and want to be like Suzy, here's how to make the classic Tom Collins.

So you see, I think everyone remembers that first go to drink, I'm sure you do to. We would love to hear your story, so leave a post at the bottom of this page, or you can leave a comment on our Facebook page right after you get done reading this. Thanks, and have a great summer, and please don't be like us, drink responsibly.


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