In recent years, a revolutionary new process has evolved for correcting muscular imbalances in the body. It has dramatically improved functional capabilities in all age groups, along with elevating sports performance and career longevity in several competitive athletes. This process is a biomechanical-based therapy called Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT&trade).

MAT is designed to correct body alignment in order to prepare the body for what you are asking it to do. No matter what the type of exercise... golf, tennis, or just walking up stairs...the MAT procedure addresses the weak links; thereby allowing the body to function most efficiently while minimizing pain.

The current forms of therapy and exercise recognize muscle tightness as the primary factor that leads to pain or injury. The MAT process is radically different. It looks at muscle weakness, rather than muscle tightness as the cause of limitations in range of motion. Muscle tightness is not only secondary, but it is the end product or reciprocal muscle weakness. When the body recognizes instability--muscle weakness--it is designed to protect itself. It sends messages to surrounding muscles to tighten up in an attempt to support and protect the joint.

With a systematic evaluation procedure, which correlates limitations in range of motion to muscle weakness, MAT treats the weak muscles in order to address the instability. In turn, the protective contractions diminish, which typically results in an increase in joint range of motion. The end result is not only increased joint range of motion, but also stability through the range of motion (Mobility and Stability).

This increase in mobility combined with joint stability is fundamental to the MAT program. It is the foundation behind improving people's ability to function. It is also the missing link to many therapy and exercise procedures, since it provides a checks-and-balances approach for regulating progress.

MAT is sure to re-define the health industry!